Extended Power for Your Realteus ForceFeel Pad

Want to make using your REALTEUS® ForceFeel pad even more convenient? Now you can. All you need to plug in with more freedom is our new extension cable plug. Designed specifically to be used with the REALTEUS® ForceFeel pad, our new extended power cable allows you to stay immersed in your gaming experience with even more ease.

We’ve made two lengths available: 1.5 m (4.9 ft) or 4.0 m (13 ft). So whatever your game room situation needs, our extended power cable is here to help keep you connected. You can also use our new extended cable for custom gaming setups, including larger ones that need a longer extension cable.

Stay in complete control of your game with zero restricted movement for better performance and better experience.

In stock and ready for shipping, you can get your hands on the newest extended power cable for your gaming system for just 9€ (1.5 m version) or 12€ (4.0 m version).

Order yours now!