Latest Realteus ForceFeel Updates Guided by Customer Feedback

At Realteus, we’re always listening. And we love when we get feedback from our customers. By telling us what you want and need for a better gaming experience, we can update our technology so that you have everything you want right at your fingertips.

Our latest update is changing the newest batch of our Realteus ForceFeel pad. This latest batch of products has improved motors to offer an improved design so that you can more comfortably experience your game, enjoying every moment while being fully immersed. 

The inner structure of our new pad is designed for comfort.

As these new motors launch in this batch of product, we look forward to your feedback and we hope that they meet all of your expectations. We’re very aware that the only way we can continue to grow Realteus is to continue listening to your needs - so keep the feedback and ideas coming!

With the second production run of the Realteus ForceFeel pad under way, you’ll be able to experience all of the latest technical adjustments and also get to enjoy the updated pad, which has been redesigned to be even more comfortable.

Thank you for continuing to be a loyal customer and follower of Realteus and our ForceFeel products.