New Name, Same Virtual Gaming Experience

The ForceFeel brand has undergone a change to enhance the virtual reality gaming experience brand before its release this summer. For customers, this means nothing more than the same product, but a new name. Our goal has always been to create a product that is different than anything else that already exists in the virtual reality gaming market, and because of this, our mission continues to be to enhance the reality of the virtual gaming experience with our products.

With our new brand Realteus, comes a realism addition to our product. With the ForceFeel haptic gaming pad, gamers are immersed into the experience as vibrations are transmitted through the pads eight different sensors, giving the user the sense that they are actually inside of the flight or racing simulation games.

Finally, although originally advertised as ForceFeel, the Realteus brand name has officially an EU trademark registration, just in time for its release before the summer’s end.